These Terms & Conditions regulate BOB System AB’s sales of products and mounting of products that is bought of BOB System AB or any of our resellers also called Bobbers. These terms should apply if nothing else is agreed in writing between seller and buyer. Under the title “About Cookies” we inform about our usage of cookies on our website.


The prices on our website does not includes VAT or other taxes and charges. If charges are changed or is added after the conclusion of an agreement the price is affected correlative the change or adjustment. For example export- or import charges, taxes or similar. BOB System has the right to ongoing adjust its prices. The Prices published on our website are the current correct prices that apply. Possible rebates are accounted against these prices. Price deviations in printed material such as our price-sheet or folder apply. Offered prices for a product in e-mail apply for 30 days from when offer is send if nothing else is agreed.


You order your system easily and safe on our website. Place the system you have chosen in the shopping cart, enter your information to create an account and the click order.

You are more then welcome to contact us and order via e-mail or by calling us ( or 0370-10801). You also have the opportunity to order our systems of our resellers or Bobbers. The before mentioned have demo-systems and are certified to mount our systems. You find us all under ”Contact us” on the website.


BOB System applies invoices as payment method. For an invoice to be created the customer company needs to be credit worthy in our opinion. Terms of payment is 15 days after invoice date if anything else is agreed in writing. If partial delivery is agreed payment can not be withhold until final delivery. Payments are not be hold if the goods or the mounting is not like discribed or agreed. The goods should in this case be returned unused and BOB System will thereafter credit the invoice (see responsible for wrongs). If payment is done after the due date of the invoice interest rate will be required as specified on the invoice. The goods from BOB System is BOB Systems property until the goods are fully paid.


The information about our prodcuts stated on our website, folder, price sheet, product sheet and alike is carfully and thoroughly processed but does not make a claim to be perfect. Compensation claims or consequential due to this information will not be approved.


Drawings, pictures, technical descriptions and demos regarding the product or its production, which is handed to one party to another are to remain in the posession of the recieving party.  These may not, without the consent of the other party, be used for any other purposes than for which they were submitted. Nor may they be copied, disclosed or otherwise brought to the knowledge of third parties without permission. Pictures, texts or technical descriptions are protected by law and copyright.


BOB System Sweden AB delivers within 3-5 working days. The goods are send day after order day with DHL or other supplier of transportation. BOB System reserves the right to allow longer delivery times if goods run out of stock. If unless otherwise agreed, the product is considered to be sold freely BOB Systems warehouse. The goods pass into the buyer’s responsibility when the freight forwarder or customer fetches from BOB System AB. Shipping costs applies unless otherwise stated for deliveries.


In case of installation, the vehicle should be handed over to BOB System or one of our dealers/ Bobbers cleaned and clean. In cases where BOB System, dealer or Bobbare have not seen the vehicle before mounting, the conditions for mounting must be in accordance with information provided when quoting. If something can affect the installation, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform BOB System, the dealer or Bobbare about this. Additional costs may otherwise be charged.


For us your safety is our highest priority. Therefor BOB System should always deliver the safest product as possible. This is ensured with crash tests, sustainability tests and TüV Nord certification. Regardless careful and accurate tests and certificates there are no guarantees for what can happen during a crash. The reason for htis is taht every system, vehicle and driver is unique. If our mounters with the experience they have that a solution is not appropriate to mount they can cancel the installation and contact the customer in order to find a better and more safe solution. Due to this prices can be adjusted.


BOB System agree, in accordance with what is stated below, to remedy all possible faults, due to defects in construction, materials or assembly that occur within the warranty period. BOB System offer 5 years warranty when the system is mounted by BOB System or Bobber. BOB system  BOB System erbjuder 5 års garanti när du har monterat hos BOB System eller Bobbare. BOB System is not responsible for errors in goods used in competition activities. In cases where the goods have been used in a different way than is considered provided at the conclusion of the agreement, the time for liability is shortened to a corresponding degree.

The buyer must, within 14 days from the date the buyer has noticed or should have noticed the error on the product, in writing, notify the error to BOB System. In the case of errors which the buyer should notice upon reception, it is incumbent on him to notify BOB System of the error immediately after reception.

If the Buyer fails to notify BOB System as stated here, the Buyer loses the right to remedy. According to a professional judgment, errors are deviated from the normal standard. BOB System’s liability for errors also applies to fault handling due to the fact that BOB System provided that the buyer did not realize or reasonably should have realized that fault handling was done. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify that the correct product for the purpose has been received on delivery.

BOB system’s liability only concerns errors arising from proper use, storage and handling. It does not include errors caused by circumstances arising after reception. Above all, it does not include defects caused by inadequate maintenance or incorrect assembly of the customer, improperly performed repair of the customer, normal wear and tear or deterioration. BOB System’s liability does not apply to errors due to the material provided by the buyer or the customer’s prescribed solution applied. BOB System is not responsible for any errors in products outside BOB System’s standard range that BOB System acquired at the customer’s request. Complaints about these products are the responsibility of the customer to drive towards the supplier. BOB System is responsible for troubleshooting the assembly included in the product. If a change is made, the customer or supplier is responsible, however, it is the customer’s task to push this towards the supplier.

BOB System’s responsibility for errors means that BOB System of its choice repairs or replaces incorrect products. Repair and replacement can either be carried out by the buyer or the buyer as if the seller so requests send the goods to the seller, or to the place specified by the seller for action. When claiming defects in goods, BOB System applies the following;

Customer returns incorrect item. New item is sent after BOB System has reviewed and approved the return. If the error is not accepted as a complaint, BOB System can charge for the costs this entails.

If the customer buys the product without mounting in a vehicle, the customer is responsible for mounting and dismantling the same. If the BOB system mounts products in vehicles, it is up to the BOB System to troubleshoot, repair or replace the product.

Exchanged goods or exchanged parts shall be made available to the seller and become his property. In addition to what is stated above, the seller has no responsibility for errors. The seller is not obliged to pay compensation to the buyer for loss of production, loss of profits or other indirect damage. However, this limitation of the seller’s liability does not apply if the seller is guilty of gross negligence. The specified deadlines for remedying errors are not extended by the seller to rectify errors.


If your van racking system does not fit or you are not satisfied, first contact BOB System before sending anything back. We want to replace your rack system so you are satisfied. Returns must be made in writing no later than 10 days after delivery. The product must not have changed or deteriorated. The product should be returned well packaged so that shipping damage does not occur due to inadequate packaging. Freight and assembly costs are not credited. Customer is responsible for any shipping costs in connection with return.


The following circumstances give grounds for exemption if they impede or render unreasonably burdensome the fulfillment of the contract: labor conflict and any other circumstance that the parties cannot control, such as natural disaster, flood, fire, burglary, war, mobilization or unforeseen military calls, equivalent coverage, currency restrictions, rioting, logging, scarcity of means of transport, general commodity scarcity, restrictions on impetus and failure or unification of deliveries from subcontractors caused by such exemption.

A circumstance that occurred when the agreement was concluded constitutes grounds for exemption only if its effect on the performance of the agreement could then not be foreseen. It is the responsibility of a party wishing to invoke the grounds for exemption to notify the other party in writing without delay of its occurrence as well as of its termination. If grounds of exemption prevent the buyer, he shall reimburse the seller for the expenses he incurred in securing and protecting the goods.

If the performance of the agreement is delayed for more than six months on the grounds of exemption mentioned above, each party, without limitation what otherwise applies under these provisions, may cancel the agreement by written notice to the other party.


Disputes regarding the validity, interpretation or application of this agreement, as well as other disputes arising from legal matters due to the same, shall finally be settled in the Swedish court or arbitration panel. All information provided during arbitration, as well as decisions and arbitrations that are communicated as a result of proceedings, are covered by confidentiality. Information subject to confidentiality may not be disclosed to third parties without the written consent of all parties, unless this is necessary for the enforcement of the judgment or otherwise required by law.


As a customer of the company, your information is processed to the extent necessary to administer the customer relationship and in order for the company to be able to fulfill its obligations towards you. In addition, the information is used to enable the company to offer personalized offers to you as a customer. The processing is based on the agreement or customer relationship that arises, for example, an order made by the customer at the company. Marketing is sent to you as a customer based on either an explicit consent or a balance of interests performed by the company.

We receive information that you voluntarily provide to us when you purchase a product from us, send an e-mail or contact us in any way. We also collect contact information through our sketching tool or if you join the BOB Club. All processing based on the customer’s consent can be canceled by the customer at any time and without explanation by contacting

The information may be disclosed to authorities in accordance with the law, to any business partners who provide support services to the company, such as IT services, in the manner and to the extent required for the company to fulfill its obligations to you as a customer and for marketing purposes.

The company strives not to transfer data to a country or company located outside the EU / EEA. If, however, there is a need for such a transfer, the company will take appropriate safeguards to best protect our customers’ personal data.

The customer’s personal data is stored as long as the customer relationship persists and thereafter the time required or allowed according to legislation and practice at any given time.

When the company collects and processes your personal data, you have certain rights. You have the right to:

– Request an extract of the personal data the company processes and how they are processed;

– Request to be deleted. However, this can only be carried out provided that the company is not entitled to retain the data on any other legal basis;

– Request that treatment be restricted in certain circumstances, e.g. meanwhile, a question as to whether data is accurate or not is being investigated; and

– When the Data Protection Regulation begins to be applied, exercise the right to data portability.

The Company takes appropriate technical and organizational information security measures to prevent and limit the risks associated with disclosing personal information such as unauthorized access, disclosure, abuse, alteration and destruction. Only authorized personnel bound by confidentiality have access to identifiable personal data.

The Company’s websites may contain various blogs, forums, wikis and other social media applications or services that allow you to share content with other users (collectively “Social Media Applications”). Any personal information or other information that you contribute in any Social Media application can be read, collected and used by other users of this Social Media application, over which we have little or no control. Therefore, we take no responsibility for any other user’s use or misuse of information that you contributed in any Social Media application.


Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a very small text file that is stored in your computer. It is used to remember you and your choices on the website. Cookies are a great way for websites to store important information and settings. For example, when you were last there, what you typed into a form so you don’t have to re-write, what choices you made and so on.

Cookies cannot contain code and therefore you do not have to worry about advertising, spyware, viruses or the like. Cookies do not significantly affect your system. Only the website that saved the text file can read it, so no one else can see what you have done with us. Swedish law requires that we inform about which cookies are used and their purpose.

We use the following cookies:

Statistics cookie: Used to measure traffic and surfing behavior, e.g. whether you have visited our site before or not and create an understanding of how individual visitors use our site.

Session cookie: Keeps track of whether you are logged into our site and to customize the content of the site based on your previously made choices.

In the context of retargeting and banner advertising, we also use third party services, which saves cookies on our site.

If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can turn this option off in your browser’s security settings. Then no cookies are stored in your computer, but you will also not be able to use certain features on our and other websites. Some information about the use of the BOB System website is sent to Google when we use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. However, we use the anonymization version of this so that no information relating to any individual user is passed on to Google.

Personal information collected on the website is handled with modern information technology and can be used, among other things, to fulfill customer relationships, analysis, marketing.

If you have any questions regarding the handling of your personal data, please contact the company / data protection representative at or