The drawers are designed with a focus on high quality and high safety. Our own designed handle has been given fine recommendations and approved by RISE (the Swedish National Testing Agency). Our drawers have no loose fronts that can be loosened but are bent in one piece which makes them extra durable and stable. All of our box cartridges have ball bearing rails that make it easy to pull out the drawer even when it is heavily loaded. If you need storage for small items such as screws and nuts, we recommend the assortment case Cassette Carry Lite from Raaco.


Shelves for your vans are available in different lengths and depths. The edge of all standard shelves is 60 mm high and ensures that your load does not fall out. All our various shelves comes with rubber mats to keep things quiet while driving. The rubber mats muffle sound and make the system quieter, it also protects your stuff from being damaged.

Pipe Shelves

There is also a top shelf that we call Pipe shelf, the narrow shelf is 200 mm. It is telescopic but is also available in fixed lengths. The pipe shelf is mounted at the top of a system and is good storage for pipes, spirit levels and other elongated gadgets.


Shelves with a door that you fold down at the front of the shelf so you can easily get out your load. Plastic knobs are screwed onto the open shelf which the door is then attached to.



Drawers & Shelves