Carry – Lite Case

The Carry Lite Case is well adapted to our shelves. Fill it with screws and small picks to easily take it with you out to work. The case is secure in the van system during the journey and you have the same order in the car when you get to the next job!

Box Gray

This gray box, for small or slightly larger gadgets, made in quality-safe and durable plastic, fits perfectly on the floor under your car interior or on a shelf. With this box you do not have tools and other things laying around in the car when you drive. Smart!

Box Yellow

The yellow box fits perfectly in BOB Systems shelves, available in two depths. Buy a nice wall divider for the boxes to get the storage space to fit your tools and accessories.

Systainer Tool-Box

Smart Systainer Tool-Box from Raaco. This tool box is perfect for your tools and fits perfectly in your van racking system.

Systainer Case

Systainer Case from Raaco, which you fill with your screws and nuts. Easy to carry with you to the workplace and fits perfectly in BOB System rack.